Adult Spirituality at St. John’s


The book of Acts paints a beautiful vision of a church that is united across generations. St. John’s is no different, and our commitment to inter-generational spiritual development extends to our adults as well.

There are a number of Adult Spirituality programs for anyone college-aged or older, which run both on Sundays and at other times throughout the week. Adult  Spirituality hosts an adult Sunday School at 9:00 am every Sunday, which is taught by lay members of the congregation. The topic and format change seasonally. Scripture Study meets Tuesdays at 2 pm in Upstairs Lounge and is open to all.

At St. John’s, we understand that adults are not just leaders or fully formed individuals, but growing and changing people in their own way who continue to need ministry and discipleship programs for their spiritual development.

For more info on how to get involved with Adult Spirituality at St. John’s, contact