Most of the fellowship in the parish isn’t planned; it just happens – in the parking lot, at the grocery store, when we invite one another to our homes for dinner or to watch the game. But we also create structures in the church to help foster it – usually around food.



Coffee Hour happens after every service. It’s a natural way to connect with friends or get to know someone new. If you’d like to help, you can sign up in the Communication Center.

Kitchen-AssistantsQuarterly Brunch is hosted by the various Ministry Teams on various Sundays throughout the year  at 9am in the Fellowship Hall.

Brunch usually includes a hot savory dish as well as finger foods and fruit. There’s no cost, but donations are welcome and are used to help send kids to Camp Huston, a Diocese-run Bible camp, in the summer.

Divine Dinners are publicized throughout the year. These are dinners hosted in parishioners’ homes that anyone can sign up for as a way of getting to know more people in the church.

The Parish Picnic happens every year in late summer or early fall. Every year’s a little different, but it’s always fun; it’s always relaxed; and there’s always good food!