FISH Food Bank


One of the ways in which the people of St. John’s choose to fulfill this command of Christ is to support Gig Harbor Peninsula FISH Food Bank.  This support takes several forms.

On the first Sunday of each month, food and cash donations brought by parishioners are presented at the altar along with the gifts of bread and wine.  During the following week one of our parishioners brings the donations to the food bank and offers them in the name of our community.  Food that is donated on other Sundays of the month is also collected and brought to the food bank.

In the past two years, St. John’s Outreach Grants have been written and approved in support of FISH.  One grant targeted the food bank’s financial aid program and provided funds to help our neighbors with housing, utility or medical expenses.  The other grant provided funds to purchase food during the summer months when donations to the food bank are lower than usual.  Additionally, some of the proceeds from our Thrift Shop continue to be donated to FISH.

Two members of the St. John’s community serve each week as volunteers at the food bank.  Additionally, several of our adults, youth and children have served as volunteers during school vacations, and hope to continue to do so.  Members of St. John’s serve as “special event” volunteers, helping to unload trucks and shelve food during food drives.

It is a blessing to St. John’s that we can be in a supportive relationship with Gig Harbor FISH and it is clear that, as we give in the ways we do, we are enriched.