Giving at St. John’s


Jacob recognized the presence of God in his life by setting up a memorial stone at Bethel. But he didn’t stop there –he sacrificed his goods and belongings in God’s service. Today at St. John’s, our parish building and church operations like salaries and upkeep take up a large percentage of our income. This support allows us to create the ministries that foster everyone’s spiritual formation. However, like Jacob, we at St. John’s don’t ask for the bare minimum, but willingly and lovingly sacrifice our finances for God. This not only helps the material needs of the community around us, but shows that God, not money, is the master of our lives. In the past few years, we’re pleased to announce we have been making significant increases in the amount we’re budgeting for outreach and the ministries for children and youth.

The leadership of St. John’s is committed to using your money responsibly and faithfully. Our budget and Treasures’ Report are available in the church office.

Pledging is your way of making a conscientious choice about how you want to support the church financially each year. The Annual Fund collects pledges each fall and is used to plan the budget. But pledges can be received at any time.

Automatic Payments can be easily set up with your banker to pay your pledge on a regular schedule. You may also pay online with the link on this website’s homepage.

Transferring Stocks allows you to transfer investments directly to the church, saving you from paying the taxes you would otherwise owe if you sold them yourself. Contact your stock broker to arrange this for you.

Leaving St. John’s in your Will allows you to support the ongoing ministry of your church for generations to come. You can leave stocks, a set amount, or a percentage (which allows for fluctuations in your final estate). See this PDF for more info.