Liturgical Arts

Our services are planned by the Worship Committee, a group of liturgists, musicians and visual artists. As we approach each season of the church year we decide together what distinctive form it will take: What will we sing? How will we pray? What visual metaphors can we employ? It’s a dynamic team, crafting liturgies that are true to the Episcopal identity, yet also uniquely reflecting the worship of this particular parish.

Our choir master and organist, composes original settings for the liturgy that show a sensitive theological and liturgical spirit.

Our liturgists craft original Prayers of the People that reflect the context, the concerns, and the experience of St. John’s.

The visual artists use native materials from our neighborhood to stand as symbols of the season. During Lent they piled driftwood and beach stones beneath the Altar, symbols of our Lenten wilderness. Recently they brought an entire madrona tree into the entrance of our worship space, its peeling bark a symbol for the renewal of our faith. Parishioners young and old enjoy seeing the nature around us. You can learn more about the artists’ ministry in this documentary:


To get involved with developing St. John’s liturgy, or just to have some questions answered, contact The Rev. Eric Stelle at