Our Liturgy


We honor God on our Sabbath here at St. John’s through the tradition of our liturgy.

Episcopalians like their liturgy. It’s a rhythm of prayer rooted deep in the earliest centuries of the church, a rhythm that we re-enter whenever we gather to worship. Our liturgy reflects both our peculiar Anglican identity –and our broader ties to the worldwide Anglican Communion –and our common ecumenical bonds with other mainline Christian denominations, many of whom have very similar liturgical practices to ours.

Don’t let our repetition fool you, however, into thinking that our liturgy is something dull or predictable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Week after week, season upon season, the liturgy welcomes you with its familiarity, yet beckons you to delve more deeply into the worship and eternal mystery of our God: the communion of saints, the grandeur of holiness, the depth of grace, the soul-satisfaction of “God with us.”

The words of the liturgy are chosen with reverence and care. The silent spaces invite contemplation. The symbols and gestures are metaphors of truth beyond words. Even our physical bodies participate with their own form of prayer: turning to trace the path of the cross, standing and kneeling, reaching out to receive the bread and the wine. When you participate in our liturgy, you can take comfort in knowing that you are praying and meditating on God in a way that many of His holiest servants have found most conducive.

Our liturgy is the product of thousands of years of faith and worship. And to it we bring the fullness of our lives today, that we may be met by the God of eternity, our forever “I AM”.

To learn more about our liturgy, you can contact The Rev. Eric Stelle at rector@stjohnsgigharbor.org .