The Rev. Eric Stelle


Rev-Eric-StelleEric first started worshiping in the Anglican Church  while living in Northern Ireland as part of community of reconciliation between Catholics and Protestants. Immediately, he knew he’d found a heritage of worship where his spirit was at home. Discerning a call to pastoral ministry, he moved to Vancouver, BC where he earned a Masters of Divinity (Regent College, 2002) and was confirmed in the Anglican Church of Canada. By the end of his studies he realized he identified as an Episcopalian…despite never setting foot in an Episcopal church! After several years and further study (Diploma in Anglican Studies, University of the South, Sewanee, 2009) Eric was ordained a deacon and priest in the Diocese of Alabama where he ministered for three years before coming to St. John’s, Gig Harbor (November 2011).

Eric likes puttering in flower beds, baking bread, and taking long walks. If asked which theological writers he’s been formed by he’d list Julian of Norwich and C. S. Lewis; St. Francis of Assisi and Dietrich Bonheoffer; William Temple and Simone Weil. But on any given day he’s more likely to be reading whatever novel he stole off his wife’s bedside table.

He met and married Cynthia while in grad school where she was pursuing a PhD in Old Testament. Two children later, the PhD’s not done, but she’s still a wealth of Biblical wisdom and down-to-earth spirituality.

Eric is grateful to be at St. John’s, a community with whom he can share in a common pursuit of the God who is pursuing us.

To contact Eric, email him at or 253-948-9820.