Welcome from the Rector


Several years ago I called a plumber to come do some work at our house. I greeted him appreciatively; my kids crawled under the house with him to watch him work; my dog followed him around like he was a long-lost friend. As he was leaving he stopped and looked me in the eyes and said, “Man… you got nice kids. You’re nice, too.” Then he paused and concluded, “Shoot, even your dog’s nice.” And as he left I thought to myself how elemental and important it is in this life simply to treat other well, to be – in a word – nice.

As I look back over my time at St. John’s I realize that the same can be said of our parish. I’ve never belonged to such a nice church. We don’t claim to be more than we are or as pious as we think we ought to be. Instead, there’s simply an atmosphere of authenticity and gratitude. As I watch this community continuing to grow I think to myself, “What more can one ask for in a church than that it be a community of people who are kind and real and grateful?” For surely it is such a context that is ripe for perceiving and growing into the heart and the love of God.

And as the years have gone by I have seen that heart of God growing in significant ways. Most recently, the parish has been doing significant exploration of how God is calling them beyond “nice” and into a community of people seeking to love their neighbors outside the church walls. We hear the call to partner with God, that – together – we may shape a community “on earth as it is in heaven.”

I hope that you will come and join us, helping us to be more fully formed into this little part of the Body of Christ.


The Rev. Eric Stelle